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Lavender Mist Mug (sold individually)

Lavender Mist Mug (sold individually)

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Material: stoneware clay
Fired temperature: 1222 degrees
Product size approx : 2.75" dia / 3.25" height
Capacity : holds 250ml

Please note: ** IMPORTANT**
1). All our pots are photographed in natural day light. While we try our best to capture the right shade of the finished product in our pictures, there could be slight variations in the product when you see it live.

2). All our products are hand crafted. While we strive to make our pots look similar to each other, there could be slight variations in size and shape when you order a set.

3). There could be little imperfections while compared to the factory made ones and that's what makes handmade more special and unique. Each product is made entirely by OUR hands.

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