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Moulding Earth Into Art!

Clay is the most magical thing one can come across. It is forgiving. It gives so much opportunity and hope for tomorrow.

I’m an architect and worked in the field of architecture and interiors in Hyderabad for 10 years but found my true calling in pottery. I did a professional pottery course in China, from Nanjing Blue & White Ceramic Experience Centre (affiliated to the ceramic capital of the world ‘Jingdezhen’) which is located in the beautiful mountains of Laoshan in Nanjing, China.

My journey from an architect to a Potter was nothing less than an adventure. I travelled five hours each day to reach my studio. My teachers didn't know a word of English and I didn't know a word of Chinese. We would communicate through a translation app. Yes, it is true! My journey has been amazing and unique in itself! 

Nature Gave Us Clay, Water, Fire And Pottery Gave Me The Gift Of Combining Them And Creating Wonders!

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